JDK 9 RFC on resolving some issues corresponding to apparently no longer failing tests

Alan Bateman Alan.Bateman at oracle.com
Thu Apr 27 08:43:25 UTC 2017

On 26/04/2017 22:49, Brian Burkhalter wrote:

> The issues [1, 2, 3] correspond to tests which were failing frequently until several changes were made to address some slow disks on certain testing infrastructure machines, increasing the timeout values of the tests, and splitting one of the tests into several smaller tests. Since these changes were made I have been routinely monitoring the list of test failures and none of these is among them. While this is not statistically significant in a pure sense, it seems as if the problems have likely been addressed, at least for these tests. I would therefore suggest using the issue IDs below to cover removing the “intermittent” key from the corresponding tests.
> There will be some other tests for which I will eventually propose the same tack.
Make sense and also close any remaining issues that complain about the 
tests timing out on this infrastructure. If there are new sightings then 
new bugs can be created.


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