Proposal for adding O_DIRECT support into JDK 9

Brian Burkhalter brian.burkhalter at
Mon Aug 28 23:40:14 UTC 2017

Hi Lucy,

I have some comments regarding the tests which are actually based on the previous version .05 of the patch. I doubt you will have changed anything in these files so these should still be relevant.



— General comments ---
* There are no tests of the read() and write() methods which take as parameter an array of buffers ByteBuffer[].
* It looks as if negative testing of unacceptable parameters might not be comprehensive.
* There should be a space around an assignment or comparison operator. This is not the case for example in many of the “for” loops.
* Indentation for continued lines should be four characters deeper than the original line.

— Specific picky comments ---
25:	s/in FileSystem Cache/in the file system cache/
37:	s/the exception of the/an exception with the/
69:	missing space before page_size
80-82:	indentation level is inconsistent
82,98:	s/test if file exists/test of whether file exists/
84-93:	Not strictly needed but might not hurt to put lines 84-93 inside the “try” block of a try-finally with line 94 in the “finally.”

1:	Blank line
2:	s/depend/depends/
3-5:	s/This native …workspace/This native library is built off-line and checked into the workspace
	for each processor/OS combination to be tested/
8:	s/ :-/:/
10:	Remove “ (sccs edit)”
14:	Remove “(gnumake all)”
15-16:	s/the appropriate … is built/the appropriate native library is built”
20:	s/library/libraries/
20:	remove “ (sccs delget)"

On Aug 28, 2017, at 4:15 PM, Lu, Yingqi < at> wrote:

> Here is the webrev.06 version of the patch. Please review and let us know your feedback.

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