adding rsockets support into JDK

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Hi Alan and Paul,

Thank you for your quick responses. I will add the support for rsockets and submit the webrev for review. That way, it might be easier for you to provide feedback ☺

I think rsockets today does not support SSL.


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On 16/01/2018 22:08, Lu, Yingqi wrote:


The proposed API changes are:
public static ServerSocketChannel openRDMAChannel() throws IOException

public static SocketChannel openRDMAChannel() throws IOException
public static SocketChannel openRDMAChannel(SocketAddress remote) throws IOException

public abstract SocketChannel openRDMAChannel() throws IOException;
public abstract ServerSocketChannel openRDMAChannel() throws IOException;

Hi Lucy,

This sounds like a good project

Agreed, and i think an important in cloud-like infrastructure environments.

Lucy, do you know if RDMA supports SSL or something equivalent?

but it will need discussion on how to integrate into the APIs. It might better to start out with factory methods on a JDK-specific class in the<> example. Alternatively, we could look at slotting it in as a new protocol family implementation along the lines of the method.

Peeling the open methods and consolidating into a separate specific RDMA class or classes is i think better than spreading around the existing nio classes.

It’s hard to provide more concrete guidance without a webrev, looking forward to that.

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