[PATCH] 6350055: Atomic SelectionKey operations

Brian Burkhalter brian.burkhalter at oracle.com
Wed Jun 6 19:26:53 UTC 2018

On Jun 3, 2018, at 9:18 AM, Alan Bateman <Alan.Bateman at oracle.com> wrote:

> I've put a webrev with the updated patch here:
>    http://cr.openjdk.java.net/~alanb/6350055/webrev/index.html

Looks fine modulo three picayune items:

1) In SelectionKey I recommend putting a comma after “e.g.” at line 245 and changing “rom” to “from” at line 246.

2) In AtomicUpdates at line 179 I think the indentation is one space too deep.

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