Callback Based Selectors

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All good! Nice to get this one in. 


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On 15/06/2018 21:31, Brian Burkhalter wrote: 

Minor comments on the SelectWithConsumer test: 

56: checks -> check 
538: removes -> remove 

In the assertTrue() calls which involve a duration check, might it be useful to print the value of ‘duration’ if the assertion fails? 

Good idea. I'll change these asserts from `assertTrue(e)` to `assertTrue(e, "select took " + duration + " ms")` so the jtr file has the duration in the event of failure. I've run this test on all platforms several hundred times (with high concurrency) so I'm not expecting any issues but it is always tricky to test timed selection operations. 

I think that this can go forward without further review if the foregoing items are changed. 
Thanks, I'll get this pushed so that it's in jdk-11-ea+19. 

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