adding rsockets support into JDK

Lu, Yingqi at
Sun Jun 17 06:58:54 UTC 2018

Hi All,

Here is the webrev.05 version of the patch:

In this version, I did following changes:

1. Fixed a small bug inside RdmaSocketImpl.GetOption.
2. Took a subset of test cases from,, java.nio.channels.SocketChannel, java.nio.channels.ServerSocketChannel and java.nio.channels.Selector tests and modified them for RDMA based sockets, channels and selectors.

I am still working on test cases for the 3 new RDMA socket options and will submit webrev.06 on Monday. At the meantime, please let me know your feedback and comments on the current test cases. 


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>Subject: RE: adding rsockets support into JDK
>Hi Alan,
>I checked on librdmacm availability on different Linux distros. It is at least
>available in Ubuntu, Arch Linux, Fedora/Centos/Red Hat, openSUSE and Gentoo.
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>>Subject: RE: adding rsockets support into JDK
>>Hi Alan,
>>Thank you very much for your guidance on the tests. This is very helpful.
>>I will look into SDP test cases and use them as a reference.
>>In addition, I tested rsocket client and server on the same machine for
>>both sockets and socket channels. InetAddress.getLocalHost() is used as
>>the address for both server and client. The tests pass. Using sar[1], I
>>see CPU cores are busy, but network does not show traffic. I think it
>>might due to how rsocket handles local traffic (rsocket does not use
>>loopback device). I also tested the same programs on two different
>>machines and I saw network traffic shown on the RDMA network card.
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>>>Subject: Re: adding rsockets support into JDK
>>>On 05/06/2018 07:17, Lu, Yingqi wrote:
>>>> Hi All,
>>>> Here is the version #4 of the patch
>>>> In this version, I have changed:
>>>> 1. Remove
>>>> 2. Remove the inheritance from
>>>> SocketChannelImpl/ServerSocketChannelImpl,
>>>replace it with SocketChannel/ServerSocketChannel.
>>>> 3. Remove unnecessary setters from SocketImpl.
>>>> 4. Override accept method to the ServerSocket returned by
>>>> 5. Add a small comment to PollSelectorImpl.poll method 6. Clean up a
>>>> little in
>>>> I am still working on creating all the test cases. Do we need to
>>>> replicate all the
>>>tests from both Socket/ServerSocket and
>>>or we only need to pick up a subset of the cases?
>>>> Please review the patch and let me know your feedback and comments.
>>>For tests then I think we should have a basic set of tests that
>>>exercise each of the elements in the API. For each socket and channel
>>>type then each of the methods in the API should be exercised. There
>>>are several new socket options so they should be exercised too. So a
>>>good start is a maintainable set of unit tests. I don't think you
>>>should be concerned with duplicating all the existing tests as many of
>>>those tests are regression tests or stress specific areas where there
>>>were bugs in the
>>>In general, I think testing is going to be a challenge for this
>>>feature as it needs commitment to maintain the infrastructure needed
>>>to test this feature and then running the tests at each release. When
>>>we added the SDP support, it required maintaining a set of machines
>>>with Infiniband HCAs and running the tests on a regular basis. I
>>>assume something
>>similar will be needed here.
>>>When developing the jtreg tests then it's important that don't fail on
>>>systems without RDMA hardware. For SDP, the tests checked for
>>>/proc/net/sdp and would pass silently when not present. I hope there
>>>is something easy to check for rsockets.
>>>One thing that isn't clear to me is whether communication between
>>>using sockets on the same machine, using an address plumbed to an RDMA
>>>interface, will use the network or not. I guess I'm asking if you are
>>>thinking about functional testing with two or more machines, I assume
>>>you will at least be doing some of that when getting performance data
>>comparing it to TCP or SDP connections.
>>>On the build changes, then one thing that would be useful to know is
>>>whether librdmacm is included in all distributions. If someone is
>>>building on say Ubuntu will they need to install an additional package
>>>installed. I bring this as we may need to do a bit more on the build
>>>to probe for the library. In other areas, at least in the past, we've
>>>had to resort to dynamic linking (dlopen/dlsym). I'm sure we should do
>>>that here, instead I'm just wondering whether the rsocket support will
>>>be compiled in
>>when there it is not present on the build machine.
>>>I skimmed quickly through the webrev and I think it's looking quite good.
>>>RdmaNet defines only static methods so I don't think it needs to extends Net.
>>>There is more to do on the javadoc for the new methods, also
>>>RdmaSocketOptions. I can help out on that when the time comes.

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