adding rsockets support into JDK

Lu, Yingqi at
Sat Jun 23 00:56:05 UTC 2018

Hi All,

Here is the version 7 of the patch.

In this version, I did:

1. Added SO_LINGER supports (librdmacm supports it) to RDMA based sockets and socket channels. Tests are also updated with this newly added Socket Option.

2. Added a private static variable rdmaOptionsSet to both and This way, I think the supportedOptions will return correct values between RDMA based sockets and regular sockets regardless of who is created first. Please let me know if I missed any cases here.

Please review the patch and let me know your feedback.


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>Subject: RE: adding rsockets support into JDK
>Hi All,
>Here is the webrev.06 version of the patch.
>In this version, I did following changes:
>1. Adding test cases for supported RDMA socket options.
>2. Fixed an issue inside Previously, a new
>Socket is created to check the support for SO_REUSEPORT and
>TCP_QUICKACT. This sets the static variable optionSet in
>Later, when RdmaSocket is created, the TCP supportedOptions will be
>returned instead of RDMA socket supportedOptions.  To solve this, I reset
>optionSet variable to FALSE when creating the RdmaSocket
>3. Fixed an issue inside When a Rdma Socket is created with
>RdmaSocketImpl, cannot directly call
> Instead, is
>called. Same issue with Rdma ServerSocket. Current solution is to make
> from package private to protected and
>override it inside This causes additional API
>changes. I also tried to keep setSocket from java.base as package private but
>make public and have directly call it.
>However, this does not work for some reason. Test shows
> being called instead. If you have any
>suggestions on this item, please let me know!
>4. Set the value limit for SO_SNDBUF and SO_RCVBUF due to RDMA sockets
>are not using kernel limits.
>5. Throw UOE when setting SO_SNDBUF, SO_RCVBUF and SO_REUSEADDR
>after bind and connect.
>Please review the patch and let me know your feedback.
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>>Subject: Re: adding rsockets support into JDK
>>On 18/06/2018 22:19, Lu, Yingqi wrote:
>>> Hi All,
>>> I just created a CSR at the meantime. The link is available at
>>> Please review this and let me know your feedback.
>>The CSR will need to include the javadoc for each of the methods. That
>>isn't fully fleshed out in the webrev yet. Do you need help on this?
>>The other thing is that adds a protected constructor to
>> (to match the equivalent in so
>>that will need to be included too. This addition means the scope changes to
>Java SE too.

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