Please test jdk-11+19

Alan Bateman Alan.Bateman at
Sun Jun 24 15:58:11 UTC 2018

Mark's mail to jdk-dev [1] reminds us that JDK 11 enters Rampdown Phase 
One next week and that jdk/jdk will be forked to create the JDK 11 
stabilization repository.

Those following the patches and discussions here over the last few 
months will know that there have been a lot of changes to the 
SelectableChannel and Selector implementations in JDK 11. In particular, 
5 of the 6 Selector implementations have been mostly re-implemented (the 
Windows implementation will need to wait for another day), SocketChannel 
and the other selectable channel implementations have had significant 
updates to replace the locking for asynchronous close and interrupt, and 
there have been several changes to align the specification and 
implementation. In addition, Selector and SelectionKey have several new 
APIs. There are also improvements to the buffer implementations and a 
number of API addition to the Files API.

This mail is just a reminder that if you are invested in this area then 
now is the right time to test with the latest JDK 11 early access build 
[2]. The releases notes [3] document all the behavioral changes that we 
identified here. So far the only bug reports with the changes have been 
with unspecified behavior but it's important to discuss all behavior 
changes as they may not be intentional.



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