RFR [XS] : 8213366: (fs) avoid handle leak in Java_sun_nio_fs_WindowsNativeDispatcher_FindFirstFile0

Baesken, Matthias matthias.baesken at sap.com
Mon Nov 5 11:44:02 UTC 2018

Hello,  please   review this small fix.

It adjusts


In file  src/java.base/windows/native/libnio/fs/WindowsNativeDispatcher.c  .
In this function  a  Handle  "handle"  is acquired by calling FindFirstFileW  .
However  we have an early  return in the function, and in this special case  we miss  to close the handle  with FindClose .

More info on  FindFirstFileW :


( states :   When the search handle is no longer needed, close it by using the FindClose<https://msdn.microsoft.com/64b3bc49-1e0e-4572-9d9f-936c45f5b01c> function, not CloseHandle<https://msdn.microsoft.com/9b84891d-62ca-4ddc-97b7-c4c79482abd9>.   )

Bug/webrev :



Best regards, Matthias
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