adding rsockets support into JDK

Chris Hegarty chris.hegarty at
Thu Nov 15 17:12:13 UTC 2018



In terms of review, I’m going to focus on the specification, since that
is the immediate priority to get the CSR finalized. Given the last few
emails, I think that the implementation is in fairly reasonable shape

Only two files have spec impact, and I will comment on them separately
( please correct me if these two are not the only files containing
 JDK-specific spec) :

1) src/

  a) Class-level description contains:
    "Defines socket options specific to rsocket."

      "Defines socket options specific to RDMA-based TCP sockets and

  b) All options start with "Set the integer size ..." - it should just
     be "The integer size ..."

2) src/

  a) As already agreed, please remove the following superfluous methods:
     `setOption` x2, `getOption` x2,  `supportedOptions`. And the
     verbiage in the class-level description that relates to these.

  b) I'm ok wherever these factory methods end up, either in `Sockets`
     or in `RdmaSockets`. If they stay in `RdmaSockets` then `Rdma` can
     be removed from their name, e.g. `RdmaSockets::openSocket`.

  c) Is it possible to just remove references to `rsocket`? there are
     currently 4., e.g. "@apiNote The rsocket implementation on Linux
     only supports IPv4 addresses." Surely there is likely to be just
     one implementation. I wonder also if this should be an *impl*Note
     rather than an *api*Note.

  d) If keeping the `RdmaSockets` class, then please remove the many
     `@since 12` javadoc tags from each method, and just add a single
     class-level tag.


> On 14 Nov 2018, at 17:06, Lu, Yingqi < at> wrote:
> Hi Chris,
> Thank you for your feedback.
> I was following the suggestion [1] from Joe Darcy to move the RDMA factory methods from to 
> I will remove setOption and getOption methods from in the next version of the patch. At the meantime, please let me know if there is anything else missing from the current version.
> Thanks,
> Lucy
> [1]
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