adding rsockets support into JDK

Chris Hegarty chris.hegarty at
Fri Nov 16 11:19:13 UTC 2018


On 15/11/18 19:12, Lu, Yingqi wrote:
> Hi Chris,
> Here is the version 17 of the patch:

This looks much better. Some final spec comments:

1) src/

   Looks good.

2) src/

  a) class-level description now seems a little odd, and heavily weighted
     towards channels, how about something like:

     * Factory methods for creating RDMA-based TCP sockets and channels.
     * <p> The {@link #openSocket() openSocket} and {@link
     * #openServerSocket() openServerSocket} methods create RDMA-based
     * TCP sockets.
     * <p> The {@link #openSelector() openSelector ...

   b) Maybe put the security manager verbiage in its own paragraph, since
      it relates to both sockets and channels.

     * <p> When a security manager is installed ...

   c) Please remove the trailing <p> on line L60.

   d) openSocket: "Creates an unconnected RDMA socket."

     Given that the socket options mention that the option is allowed to
     be "set before the socket is bound or connected", then maybe this
     opening sentence should be:
         "Creates an unbound and unconnected RDMA socket.
     Note: the other factory methods are clear on this point already.

  3) Minor: personally I'd remove the @see ...NetworkChannel
     It adds no value.

That's it.

Is it possible to generate the javadoc for these classes? It would be
useful to have to attach to the CSR, or even to be viewable as a link
from the CSR.

Can you please update the CSR and I will then add myself as reviewer?


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