adding rsockets support into JDK

Alan Bateman Alan.Bateman at
Thu Nov 29 13:41:38 UTC 2018

On 28/11/2018 21:42, Lu, Yingqi wrote:
> Hi Chris,
> I have already updated the version 20 with your changes. I also removed several redundant test cases. The updated version of patch is available at:
> Would you please review the changes especially the changes regarding to the protocol family? This way, we can finalize the CSR soon.
I read through the updated API/javadoc. Just a few comments:

- the class description still links to the no-arg factory methods
- the @implNote says that only IPv4 is supported so I assume the notes 
can be removed now
- we should probably specify NPE for the corner case that family is 
null. A paragraph in the class description or @throws NPE in the 4 
methods is okay, either approach will do

I don't see any other issues with the API.


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