RFR[8235783]: DatagramSocket::disconnect should allow an implementation to throw UncheckedIOException

Patrick Concannon patrick.concannon at oracle.com
Fri Jan 10 15:26:21 UTC 2020

Hi Alan,

Thanks for the feedback.

I've incorporated your comments into the webrev below.


Kind regards,


On 18/12/2019 10:01, Alan Bateman wrote:
> On 17/12/2019 14:35, Patrick Concannon wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Could someone please review my fix and CSR for issue JDK-8235783 
>> 'DatagramSocket::disconnect should allow an implementation to throw 
>> UncheckedIOException'?
>> DatagramChannel's connect and disconnect methods throw an IOException 
>> while DatagramSocket's corresponding methods do not. The proposed fix 
>> changes the specification of DatagramSocket::connect and 
>> DatagramSocket::disconnect to document that an implementation may 
>> throw UncheckedIOException.
>> In addition, and similar to what was done for DatagramChannel, an 
>> @apiNote is added to DatagramSocket::disconnect to recommend closing 
>> the socket if an IO exception occurs, as the underlying socket might 
>> have been left in an inconsistent and unspecified state
>> bug: https://bugs.openjdk.java.net/browse/JDK-8235783
>> CSR: https://bugs.openjdk.java.net/browse/JDK-8236076
>> webrev: 
>> http://cr.openjdk.java.net/~pconcannon/8235783/webrevs/webrev.00/
> A couple of things in this area to think about:
> 1. DatagramSocket connect does nothing when the socket is closed and 
> we might want specify that some day to avoid the reader wondering if 
> UncheckedIOException will be thrown when the socket is closed.
> 2. DatagramSocket connect will bind the socket is not already bound 
> and we might want to specify that some day. The bind could fail so 
> that is a potential reason for throwing UncheckedIOException (or 
> SecurityException is unlikely scenarios).
> 3. DatagramSocket.connect silently falls back to emulation when the 
> underlying connect fails. I think this is a bug as it hides a problem 
> like trying to connect to a non-routable addresses, but may have been 
> done this way to avoid incomplete DatagramSocketImpl implementations. 
> I guess my point here is that UncheckedIOException will never be 
> thrown, which might be okay if the primary motive is to prepare 
> DatagramSocket for the new implementation.
> 4. If you are open to word smithing on the @throws descriptions then I 
> think dropping "by an implementation" will help the wording a bit. 
> Also I think the description should make it clear that the exception 
> cause is the IOException with the underlying I/O error.
> -Alan.

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