FileVisitor changes

Alan Bateman Alan.Bateman at
Thu Oct 14 02:05:46 PDT 2010

Just a heads-up for those using the weekly builds. jdk7-b114 is due to 
be promoted later today or tomorrow. Among the changes in this build are 
fixes and clean-ups to the FileVisitor interface that may be disruptive 
to those using the early access builds. The details are in the bug [1]; 
folks on nio-dev list will have seen these changes go by a few weeks 
ago. The main disruptive change is that the preVisitDirectory method has 
an additional parameter with the attributes of the directory. If you 
implement FileVisitor directly (rather than extend SimpleFileVisitor) 
then the other one is that preVisitDirectoryFailed method has been 
removed with all errors are now notified to the visitFileFailed method. 
Cycles are now notified to the vistfFileFailed method too. Apologies 
about the changes but we need to get a few fixes and other changes in 
before jdk7 starts to bed down.



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