Transform point using localToSceneTransform

Martin Desruisseaux martin.desruisseaux at
Mon Jul 23 07:58:21 PDT 2012

Le 23/07/12 16:51, Pavel Safrata a écrit :
>> 1-  public Vector3D transform(Vector3D point)
>> This implies having a Vector class which I think is appropriate. Vector
>> objects may be used to represent translation, surface normals, pick 
>> rays,
>> or other things
> Is the existing Point3D not sufficient?

Just for information purpose, I interpret this request as functionally 
equivalent to the current "deltaTransform" method in Java2D 
AffineTransform. Transforming a vector is like transforming a points 
without the translation terms. They are used for transforming distances 
between points rather than the points directly.

Whatever it is useful enough is another question. On my side, my usage 
of AffineTransform2D.deltaTransform has been very rare. But when this 
need arise it is useful.


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