Font outlines?

Phil Race philip.race at
Wed Jun 6 09:44:13 PDT 2012

Its possible but its not in any plan. I am not sure how FX-like this 
would be
to put it on Font. Perhaps instead a method to extract the Path from a 
Text node.

However I guess the question then is how you intend to use it? You need to
put it back into some kind of node for this and I don't see what you can 
then do that
you could not have done with a Text node to begin with. You can apply 
transforms, set strokes, fills (inc. gradient and ImagePattern fills) to 
the Text node.


On 6/6/2012 7:34 AM, John C. Turnbull wrote:
> Would it be possible to enhance the Font class or add associated classes so
> that it is possible to get the shape of a glyph for a given font and
> character?  I would like to do some fancy things with text a la WordArt and
> I will need this information.
> Thanks,
> -jct

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