Auto-update of native application bundles

Igor Nekrestyanov igor.nekrestyanov at
Mon Jun 18 14:55:21 PDT 2012

 > Another thing is that I don't like putting anything in ~/.javafx if 
we can avoid it, and certainly not application specific stuff.
 > Having all application settings, configuration options, etc in the 
application directory itself is preferable, because it means we never 
end up with situations where somebody has deleted the application (just 
dragging the .app to the trash on mac) and then they download the app 
again and it gets confused with settings we've stored and were never 
cleared up.
 > I don't know which way that argues, just that I think we should not 
store anything outside of the app directory.
IMHO, assuming everything is kept in the app folder is too much.
Do you know any apps that do this? I believe Sparkle keeps state in the 
user files but do not remember all details (.plst for preferences?).

One problem with it is that saving to /Applications require permission 
elevation prompt (or running code as admin that does not seem to be 

We do not should not keep anything confusing there of course.
What we need to keep is simple things like - time we checked for update 
last time, what version was offered to the user last time, etc.
We can use current application version as "validity" mark, if what is 
currently installed is not the same as what we have saved then it means
our data are outdated and we need to throw them away.


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