An FXML Browser (topic branched from Re: High performance text component)

Greg Brown greg.x.brown at
Mon Sep 3 04:39:46 PDT 2012

> Actually that's what I originally thought FXML was for.  It was only later
> after I started using FXML that I realized it wasn't the case.  But it
> strikes me that FXML could be used like Flex -- a downloadable scene
> specification.

Are you suggesting that MXML files can be processed dynamically? I thought they had to be compiled first, but maybe I'm mistaken. 

In any case, yes - FXML files can be used as a downloadable scene specification.

> Riffing on your idea, I wonder how difficult it would be to have support
> for different scripting languages? … Who's to say that a controller couldn't be a simple script?

This is already supported. You can use any JVM-compatible scripting language to define the logic for an FXML document.

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