High performance text component

John Smith John_Smith at symantec.com
Wed Sep 5 11:39:38 PDT 2012

What kind of wrapping will the high performance text component perform?
For example, will the component be able to proportionally space lines of text to align them, hyphenate words, keep IP address components together, make sure a wrapped line does not begin with a space, etc?
If it doesn't do these things, would it be possible to build something which did on top of the high performance text component or would some other component be more appropriate as a basis for such tasks?

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>>> Felipe, we should update the documents on the WIKI to refer to the "Rich Text API" instead of DOM API because I fear this can get confusing! Other than those of us internally who have argued for / against the Attributed String style vs. the DOM style, most people probably won't get the subtlety, having missed the context.
>> Done, 
>> Should I rename Div to Paragraph, Span to Text ?
> We already have 'Text'. Is this different or could we reuse what's already there.

That is an open question, although personally I would prefer that we just reuse the Text object. We have to make sense of a Text placed in a "Paragraph" anyway, even if we had a separate Span, so it seems more sensible to just make Text make sense.

> Just checking: the 'Paragraph' isn't just a FlowPane with special support for line wrapping text is it? I.e FlowPane.setWordWrapEnabled(true). 

I imagine the implementation is completely different, and the spacing etc parameters on FlowPane might not be sensible for a Paragraph. Plus, it is in the wrong package (we will need package private access to Text internals).


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