Copy constructors

Greg Brown greg.x.brown at
Mon Sep 10 11:26:34 PDT 2012

>>> 1) If I choose to convert from SVG to FXML at runtime I need to make a temporary file for the FXML loader as it doesn't take a DOM or a String as a source.
>> Why not just apply your transform at compile time such that only FXML is processed at runtime, rather than both SVG and FXML?
> That is what I am doing in this case… but support for the other case seems like a minor change.  

Sure - but converting SVG to FXML is definitely not the most efficient way to load a scene graph from SVG.

> Why must FXML be loaded from only a URL?  Base on your response to #2, I see it is useful to use the URL as a key to looking up in the cache, but the more generic possibility of FXMLLoader.load( would open a few doors for developers where now they must climb in through the window.

I'm not sure what you mean by this. FXMLLoader does define a load(InputStream) method. Either way, I don't see how that will help you load an SVG document more efficiently.

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