Where is the source code of javaFX 2.2.2 ?

Werner Lehmann lehmann at media-interactive.de
Tue Sep 11 06:48:29 PDT 2012

Hi Kevin,

I noticed that the Drag/Drop bug (RT-21836) is fixed now in Java 
7u10-b06. As discussed before, I installed the J7 SDK and copied the 
jfxrt.jar into my FX 2.2 SDK folder which did the trick (still running 
on J6).

According to this...


...we can expect 7u9 on October 16th. Can you tell me if 7u9 already 
includes this fix? Otherwise, I suppose we have to wait until December 
for 7u10 final, right?

Thanks a lot.


On 27.08.2012 18:05, Kevin Rushforth wrote:
> Yes, you can do that to run JavaFX 2.2.2 on JDK6.
> -- Kevin
> Werner Lehmann wrote:
>> Hi Kevin,
>> does this pertain to JRE6, too? In other words, I would get the latest
>> 7.x build for my platform, extract the jfxrt.jar and replace my
>> existing FX runtime or FX SDK 2.2 version to get the latest FX 2.2.2
>> beta?
>> Rgds
>> Werner
>> On 25.08.2012 22:59, Kevin Rushforth wrote:
>>> As with the previous release, the javafx/2.2.2/master forest will be
>>> updated once per week as we push out a new weekly build of JDK 7u8 / FX
>>> 2.2.2, which will keep it in sync. You will need the jfxrt.jar from the
>>> weekly build of JDK 7u8 in order to build openjfx 2.2.2.
>>> Weekly JDK 7u8 builds are available at:
>>> http://jdk7.java.net/download.html

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