JavaFX 2.2.2 version number change to 2.2.4

Kevin Rushforth kevin.rushforth at
Wed Sep 12 17:58:09 PDT 2012

The openjfx Mercurial repos for 2.2.4 have been cloned from 2.2.2 (which 
will be deleted shortly).

Please update your hgrc file and/or scripts to use the new URLs:

Graphics forest:


Let me know if you have questions.

-- Kevin

Kevin Rushforth wrote:
> In order to align with the recent change in JDK version number as 
> explained here:
> the JavaFX version number for the 7u10 release is changing from 2.2.2 
> to 2.2.4. The 7u10-b07 build, which will be pushed to later 
> this week, will include 2.2.4-b07. Note that weekly JDK 7u10 builds 
> can be downloaded from at:
> We are also in the process of renaming the openjfx/2.2.2 repositories 
> on openjdk to openjfx/2.2.4. I will send another update when that 
> happens.
> -- Kevin

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