JFX 8, when would be a good time to test?

John Hendrikx hjohn at xs4all.nl
Mon Sep 17 23:00:58 PDT 2012

I just tried the early preview JDK 8 b56 (javafx.runtime.version: 
8.0.0-ea-b56) in order to see if some of the performance issues and 
display bugs had seen some improvement.

As it is, there are several issues in 2.2 that are still causing 
problems for me (mainly Canvas resource management causing out of heap 
space errors, and entire Panes not being rendered at random when using 
Tree/ListView type of controls).  Many other issues I reported were 

So I'd like to start helping out with testing early on, but the current 
JFX 8 build seems to be under heavy development (Canvas crashes even 
faster, Stylesheets are ignored at random making basically my whole UI 
unusable -- haven't tested much beyond that).

I'm hoping to be able to start testing before the "improvement" window 
closes and issues get deferred again :)

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