Performance Issues when Scale isn't 1.0

Scott Palmer swpalmer at
Fri Sep 21 07:51:32 PDT 2012

I've searched Jira and didn't find anything.  Is there a known issue with scaling causing significant performance degradation?
I have an application that renders something like a UML diagram in a JFXPanel.  Basically it looks like a bunch of rectangles connect by lines.  I can grab and drag those rectangles to layout the document, which can be rather large.  I can also drag new connections between the boxes.  This all works smoothly, until I try to "zoom" in or out on the diagram.

If I set a single X & Y scale factor on the parent node of my diagram so that I can see more of it (it's in a scrollpane too), that makes the performance plummet when I drag the boxes or try to drag a new Path to make a connection.  It's at least 5 times slower I figure.  The user experience is horrible as I get less than 5 fps at times vs. 30+ with the scale set to 1.0

I know there is ongoing work with performance, I just wondered if this is a known issue in 2.2.0 (Jira #?).  I would file a bug, but it would take a while to isolate a test case from my current app.



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