Tom Eugelink tbee at tbee.org
Sun Sep 23 09:40:35 PDT 2012

I've got a user of my JFXtras CalendarTextField that has some very strange behavior in a scene on OSX in Safari. The CalendarTextField control internally uses CalendarPicker in a popup and a DateFormatter to set the text of the TextField. He confirmed that the control works as expected on Windows with Chrome, IE, Firefox, but on OSX and Safari the code behaves differently: after a data is selected in the popup, nothing is displayed in the textfield. Standalone on OSX all work as expected as well.

He is running a JFXtras version with some debug printlns in them and these lines simply do no appear on the console. So that would mean the event is never triggered. But confusingly the popup is closed after selecting a date, which requires an event to run. Even worse: just before the popup.hide() is a println.

Are there any known issues with JFX on OSX in Safari that may explain this?
Because by now I'm pretty sure it is not my control.


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