TableView: how to invalidate row?

Werner Lehmann lehmann at
Mon Sep 24 11:25:45 PDT 2012


TableView is designed to work with ObservableValue properties for its 
cell values but there is POJO bridge available:

> lastNameCol.setCellValueFactory(new PropertyValueFactory<Person,String>("lastName"));

It creates a read-only observable property (Javadoc example). The 
question is, how can I manually trigger an update in the tableview? 
Usually there is an API to invalidate a row or cell in the table but I 
don't see it on TableView.

Or do I have to use a custom cell or cell-value factory for this purpose?


PS: in case anybody wonders: the POJO is a domain bean provided by an 
API call. So far I managed to keep FX on the client. Adding 
ObservableValue typed properties to those POJOS will push FX to the 
server (requiring a separate FX runtime installation here).

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