Tooltip for disabled controls

Richard Bair richard.bair at
Thu Apr 4 17:04:37 PDT 2013

> I vote for solution 1): Break backwards compatibility. It shouldn't hurt that much, given that disabled controls did not receive events before. It would be worse if it were the other way around.

I don't think we can so easily brush off the compatibility concern here. My guess (and it is just a guess at this point) is that Controls would have a major amount of work to make sure they're all working correctly after changing the semantics so that disabled nodes are delivered events.

I'm also guessing this will result in widespread breakage. Maybe it will only break each app in 3 places (say), but that's a lot of pain to inflict.

Before going down that route somebody needs to prototype the behavior change on Node and run Ensemble and other apps and see if there is any appreciable breakage. I'm guessing it will be rampant. For example, Node toggles "hover" property based on the mouse enter/exit events. Now that disabled nodes will get these, they'll be hover:true. Any listeners on this will obviously be affected, but so will all of the CSS. So are the CSS rules designed such that disable will still be applied, or will the hover rules take precedence? We'd have to try it out. Also will customer applications break in this manner as well?


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