JavaFX8 on Beagleboard

Tom Schindl tom.schindl at
Fri Apr 5 13:58:22 PDT 2013


We've today tried to get the latest Java8 Arm build 
( running on a hardware that is very 
similar to the Beagleboard.

Unfortunately the binaries provided are not running while the one 
provided ontop of Java7 ( (guess 
those are the ones used at JavaOne) are working and the correct pipeline 
is used.

Are there plans to support beagleboard architectures with OpenJDK8 on 
Beagleboard? There's a mail from December [1] but we are not able patch 
things, ... . Can someone explain:
a) why does the OpenJDK8 binaries do not work on Beagleboard but the
    JDK7 ones does
b) do you guys have plans to support Beagleboard (or similar

While like stated we could get running JDK7/JavaFX2 stuff without 
getting access to JDK8 and JavaFX8 we can't follow the route and need to 
find another solution.



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