JavaFX8 on Beagleboard

Tom Schindl tom.schindl at
Fri Apr 5 16:17:21 PDT 2013

Hi Nicolas,

Thanks for getting back to me that fast. This sounds promising. I don't 
really care if there are updates for JDK7 on ARM. The important fact for 
me is that JDK8 is going to run on BeagleBoard like devices.

The embedded device I'll currently have to target is very similar to the 
BeagleBoard so I guess your statement about the embedded device 
manufacturers is right.

I'm happy to provide feedback, test results, ... once there are builds 


On 06.04.13 01:04, Nicolas Lorain wrote:
> On 4/5/13 1:58 PM, Tom Schindl wrote:
>> Hi,
>> We've today tried to get the latest Java8 Arm build
>> ( running on a hardware that is
>> very similar to the Beagleboard.
>> Unfortunately the binaries provided are not running while the one
>> provided ontop of Java7 ( (guess
>> those are the ones used at JavaOne) are working and the correct
>> pipeline is used.
>> Are there plans to support beagleboard architectures with OpenJDK8 on
>> Beagleboard? There's a mail from December [1] but we are not able
>> patch things, ... . Can someone explain:
>> a) why does the OpenJDK8 binaries do not work on Beagleboard but the
>>    JDK7 ones does
> The JDK 8 for ARM Early Access we released in December included support
> for hard float, which is supported on the Raspberry Pi. The BeagleBoard
> does not support hard float, which is why you haven't been able to make
> it work. On the other hand, the JavaFX for ARM developer Preview (JDK 7)
> that we released back in October was tested against the BeagleBoard (at
> the time the Raspberry Pi wasn't widely available and we didn't have
> hard float support)
>> b) do you guys have plans to support Beagleboard (or similar
>>    architectures)
> The long term plan for us is to have one binary that supports multiple
> architectures, whether they support hard float or not, and the
> BeagleBoard has always been our target reference implementation, because
> it is closer from what embedded device manufacturers use. We also want
> to support the Raspberry Pi, because there is a huge momentum behind
> that board that will allow developers to get up and running much quicker
> on embedded development.
> We plan to make available weekly builds of JDK 8 for ARM Early Access,
> but we still need to resolve the lack of drivers supporting hard float
> on the BeagleBoard. Our best bet for the availability of an update
> supporting the BeagleBoard is sometimes this summer.
>> While like stated we could get running JDK7/JavaFX2 stuff without
>> getting access to JDK8 and JavaFX8 we can't follow the route and need
>> to find another solution.
> We are not going to update the JDK 7-based developer preview, it was
> meant as a stop-gap until we would release JDK 8 for ARM Early Access.
> If you find another board that supports hard float, then the existing
> JDK 8 for ARM Early Access should work.
>> Tom
>> [1]

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