JavaFX 3D : TriangleMesh specification questions

August Lammersdorf, InteractiveMesh sdn at
Thu Apr 11 02:41:01 PDT 2013

 Thanks John!

 I posted a comment on JIRA, issue 'Add flat shading support for 3D 


 Am Mittwoch, den 10.04.2013, 20:35 +0200 schrieb John Yoon 
 <John.Yoon at>:

> Hi August,
> I just had a good chat with the graphics team today about the
> semantics of "flat shading".
> It seems there are 2 definitions that are being used for "flat
> shading" in correspondence.
> The more traditional definition of flat shading, before the per-pixel
> lighting became popular, refers to every pixel on the face sharing 
> the
> exact same RGB color value.
> Lets just call this "traditional flat shading" in this email.
> However, now that per-pixel lighting has become popular, some now
> refer to "flat shading" as "triangles with all three edges creased".
> So if all 3 sides of a triangle have hard edges, some would say that
> the triangle would be "flat shaded".
> From a cognitive standpoint, the face would still appear to be flat,
> even if every pixel on the face does not share the exact same RGB
> color value due to per-pixel lighting.
> For lack of better terminology, lets call this "non-traditional flat
> shading" in this email.
> I'm in "non-traditional flat shading" camp myself.
> A smoothing group value of "0" would then be "non-traditional flat 
> shaded".
> Although, technically speaking, "0" would not be "traditional flat 
> shaded".
> Just thought I'd clarify, since I noticed 2 different semantics of
> "flat shading" being used in correspondence.
> cheers,
> John

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