JavaFX 3D : TriangleMesh specification questions

August Lammersdorf, InteractiveMesh sdn at
Thu Apr 18 09:41:21 PDT 2013

 Hi Chien,

 Sorry for being so insistent, but I'm a bit confused what the final 
 smoothing group id semantic is. The RT-29236 issue title (32 bit 
 bit-set) is conflicting to what is said below (range from 1 to 31/32). 
 Also I couldn't find any range check or description in the corresponding 
 java sources.

 Please, sum up what the semantic will be in the next published early 
 access build.

 Thanks a lot, August

 Am Dienstag, den 16.04.2013, 12:06 +0200 schrieb Chien Yang 
 <chien.yang at>:
> Hi August,
>       This is good to know. I have the implementation ready and about
> to bring it through the internal review process for approval before I
> can push it into the main line. I would expect it be ready for the
> public later next week if everything goes smoothly.
> BTW, you can monitor its progress via the JIRA:
> Thanks,
> - Chien
> On 4/14/2013 10:29 AM, August Lammersdorf, InteractiveMesh wrote:
>> Hi Chien,
>> the smoothing group assignment proceder of my model importers is now 
>> adapted to support the flat shaded group 0 and the smooth shaded 
>> groups 1 to 31 with improved speed.
>> Which early access JDK 8 build will most likely include your 
>> changes?
>> August
>> Am Dienstag, den 09.04.2013, 09:28 +0200 schrieb Chien Yang 
>> <chien.yang at>:
>>> Hi August,
>>>     We will still limit the number of smoothing group from 1 to 32.
>>> However this change will allow sharing of smoothing groups with
>>> adjacent faces so that the edges between them are rendered as 
>>> smooth.
>>> Value "0" implies no smoothing group (or hard edges), not flat 
>>> shaded
>>> (though it may look like it). We doubt there is much performance
>>> differences in the assignment of the smoothing group id.
>>> Thanks,
>>> - Chien

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