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On 4/22/13 Apr 22, 11:44 AM, Will Hoover wrote:
> Thanks David, that's good to hear!
> I'm no expert, but there seems to be a lot of overlapping OpenGL ES/OpenVG
> content that can be utilized between Android and JavaFX, no?

    not sure what you are meaning by overlapping content.
 From my level (down next to the driver), once we have proper EGL initialization, then yes, there is a pretty good matchup on the EGL functionality we need. (We currently don't use OpenVG at all).

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> On 4/19/13 Apr 19, 12:09 PM, Will Hoover wrote:
>> I know there's has been a lot of energy to get JavaFX on the Raspberry
>> PI fully operational, but I thought I'd also suggest the evaluation of
>> JavaFX on UDOO ( ). For those of you that are
>> unfamiliar with
>> UDOO: it's a fully compatible Arduino board that can run Linux or
>> Android that has ~4x the processing power of the Raspberry PI at a $99
> price point.
>> They have over $200k out of a KickStarter goal of $27k (
>> no-in- a-tiny-single-board ). So, with that kind of funding and over
>> 1.5k backers under its belt, I think some JavaFX focus on the product
>> could prove to energize the JavaFX embedded community. IMHO, JavaFX
>> support on an Arduino product that has direct JavaFX accessibility
>> (without multiple hardware
>> components) would be revolutionary! It has a planned release date of
>> 09-2013, but I'm sure if Oracle contacted the UDOO team they would be
>> willing to part with a few prototypes to test JavaFX on :)
> The Udoo is based on an Freescale IMX6 chip, similar to many other offerings
> like the SabreLite.
> Early indications are that the IMX6 dual and quad are smoking fast, and have
> a pretty good Vivante GPU to back them up, and should work well with our JFX
> rendering pipeline.
> SabreLite:
> The IMX6 is certainly a "platform of interest" for the embedded team. The
> GPU startup is different than the PI and the Beagle (and probably the Origin
> :-) That is the key problem for platform support - the vendor/GPU specific
> startup sequence for EGL and for a few other things like our cursor overlay.
> The other problem is we can't "collect them all" and don't have bandwidth to
> build/maintain/validate all of the.
> It is hoped that over time we will be able to complete the EGL startup
> cascade so that we detect and operate with the popular platforms.
> And of course, once we get more of the native code into the OpenJFX repo, we
> hope to be able to work with the community to carry that support to a lot
> more platforms.
> I have a target to post PI specific cross building instructions for OpenJFX
> in the coming weeks, right after I make sure it works with the upcoming
> transfer of the rendering pipeline.
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