Prism d3d & es2 pipeline + javafx-iio are now open source

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Hi Danno,

I don't know much about Avian but isn't it just a slimmed-down JVM
that does JIT (where supported)?  Obviously JIT won't work on iOS for
example so won't that mean that iOS/Avian/JavaFX applications would
have to be entirely interpreted (which will never be fast enough)? 

I think there are only 2 options here for successful JavaFX deployment
to mobiles and tablets:

1. Full AOT compilation i.e Java source code compiled directly to the
target OS.
2. Partial AOT compilation i.e. Java bytecode compiled to the target
OS (e.g. XMLVM).

I have been looking at XMLVM but I am concerned that it appears to
have gone a bit stale.  It's a great concept and it would be really
nice if it were maintained enthusiastically so we could port iOS to
Android etc. and easily port JavaFX to iOS and Android but it doesn't
appear to be that active at the moment.

I just don't think we are going to get across the line if we take the
approach of trying to get what we think of as a JVM working on these
OSes as a separate component.  In my opinion, Java bytecode should
never make it on to iOS or Android.



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 I am looking at Avian for the VM.

 We tried to do some stuff with XMLVM at my day job and opted for
 native after working with it for a week or so because there are just
 many holes in things like their implementation of the collections
 Combined with the low level network stuff we had to do (lower that
 has APIs for) it was not good enough.

 With Avian their web site says you can bring in the whole rt.jar if
 and compile that byte code. Put a ProGuard filter in front of it to
 the class sizes and stay away from reflection and it looks quite

 One path I am interested in but don't have the patience for is to try
 hook it into the ADF Mobile VM. I don't want to learn JDeveloper at
 point and I also might want to release stuff w/o getting Oracle sales
 involved, so that is lower down the 'try it' list. Perhaps if that is
 possible the Oracle sales organization might need come up with a new
 sheet for that deployment scenario, since it wouldn't depend on an
 server. But I'm a techie not a sales engineer so I don't want to wade
 those waters.

 On Tue, Apr 23, 2013 at 3:15 PM, Daniel Zwolenski  wrote:

 > Great news.
 > Anyone got any thoughts on how we now make use of the iOS stuff?
 > starting points?
 > On 24/04/2013, at 6:17 AM, Hervé Girod  wrote:
 > > That's great!
 > >
 > > Sent from my iPhone
 > >
 > > On 23 avr. 2013, at 22:06, Gerrit Grunwald  wrote:
 > >
 > >> Sweet...that's really good news.
 > >>
 > >> Thanx to the JavaFX team to make it possible.
 > >>
 > >> Cheers,
 > >>
 > >> Gerrit
 > >>
 > >>
 > >> Am 23.04.2013 um 20:39 schrieb Richard Bair :
 > >>
 > >>> Yay!
 > >>>
 > >>> We still have web & media to open source. There are also a
 > stragglers:
 > >>> - javafx-mx
 > >>> - javafx-font
 > >>> - javafx-accessible
 > >>>
 > >>> I'm getting information on the status of these. Web is
basically ready
 > to go, we're just figuring out how to do it (we don't want to spend
a bunch
 > of time getting the ant builds all updated for webnode only to
replace them
 > with gradle a couple weeks later). We may just open source the code
and not
 > have it wired into the open build except via gradle.
 > >>>
 > >>> Needless to say, the list of things left to open source is
 > very short, we're in the home stretch :-)
 > >>>
 > >>> Richard
 > >>>
 > >>> On Apr 23, 2013, at 10:45 AM, Kevin Rushforth <
 > kevin.rushforth at> wrote:
 > >>>
 > >>>> Hi,
 > >>>>
 > >>>> We just open-sourced the following FX sub-projects:
 > >>>>
 > >>>> 1. Prism HW pipelines: prism-es2* and prism-d3d*
 > >>>>
 > >>>> This completes the open-sourcing of Prism and includes the
Java and
 > native code for the two Prism pipelines, including the
 > Prism code for Windows, Mac, Linux, eglfb (for embedded Linux-arm),
 > and Android.
 > >>>>
 > >>>>
 > >>>> 2. Image loaders: javafx-iio*
 > >>>>
 > >>>>
 > >>>> The native pieces for all of the above are now be built with
 > jar" but the native libraries are not yet copied to the "dist"
 > (just like the decora native libraries). I may or may not address
 > since we will eventually switch to the gradle build.
 > >>>>
 > >>>> -- Kevin
 > >>>

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