Drag/drop cursors

Werner Lehmann lehmann at media-interactive.de
Thu Apr 25 08:08:59 PDT 2013


I am missing typical cursors during drag/drop, e.g. a deny, add, move, 
link cursor. Apparently those are not supported in javafx.scene.Cursor. 
How would this be solved in a platform-independent way?

Best option currently seems to be: use the default cursor, and show some 
tooltip/popup or unmanaged node below the cursor position to indicate 
the drop effect to the user. Not really optimal...

I could also use my own drag cursors but they would not fit into all 
sets of cursors on the supported platforms. If there was at least a way 
to get an image of the default cursor - then it could be "enhanced" with 
a small overlay. But that does not seem feasible either.


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