Updated JDK8 / FX8 build for the Pi?

Sven Reimers sven.reimers at gmail.com
Mon Apr 29 13:11:17 PDT 2013

This e-mail is not about Lambda's it is just about getting a build based on
the latest sources..


On Mon, Apr 29, 2013 at 10:04 PM, Knut Arne Vedaa <
knut.arne.vedaa at broadpark.no> wrote:

> danno.ferrin at shemnon.com wrote:
>> My immediate concern with lambdas is kind of selfish.  As far as I know
>> none of the alternative VMs (dalvik, avian, ikvm, etc) support the invoke
>> dynamic bytecode.
> I think it is reasonable to assume that that they will. At least Avian has
> it (invokedynamic) on the roadmap, from http://oss.readytalk.com/**
> avian/status.html <http://oss.readytalk.com/avian/status.html> :
> Post-1.0 Ideas
>     Experiment with trace-based JIT compilation
>     Improve ahead-of-time compilation using LLVM
>     Add support for ahead-of-time escape analysis and bytecode annotation
> to indicate where objects may be safely allocated on the stack instead of
> the heap
>     Rework memory allocation in garbage collector to improve performance
> in low memory situations (see here for details)
>     Experiment with optimizations and extensions to better support
> languages other than Java
>         First-class functions
>         Lazy evaluation
>         invokedynamic
>     Support additional architectures such as MIPS and 64-bit PowerPC
> Knut Arne Vedaa

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