How are Mnemonics On Buttons Supposed To Work?

Mark Fortner phidias51 at
Mon Jul 1 13:41:13 PDT 2013

Hi John,
Yes, I am using OS X. Thanks for the link.   I ended up creating a window
level key listener to listen for single key press events (don't really need
a modifier).  I'll have to rethink my approach.

It would be nice if there was a note in the javadoc about this.




On Mon, Jul 1, 2013 at 1:29 PM, John Smith <John_Smith at> wrote:

> Are you using OS X?
> For me, mnemonics in JavaFX work on Windows, but not at all in OS X (which
> is perhaps by undocumented design?).
> Apple's platform integration guide contains a section on Mnemonics, it
> based on Swing but I think the concepts translate to JavaFX:
> >The JMenuItem class inherits the concept of mnemonics from the
> JAbstractButton class. In the context of menus, mnemonics are shortcuts to
> menus and their contents, which are executed by using a modifier key in
> conjunction with a single letter. When you set a mnemonic in a menu item,
> Java underscores the mnemonic letter in the title of the JMenuItem or JMenu
> component when the Option key is held down. Using mnemonics is discouraged
> in OS X, because mnemonics violate the principles of OS X Human Interface
> Guidelines. If you are developing a Java application for multiple platforms
> and some of those platforms recommend the use of mnemonics, just include a
> single setMnemonics() method that is conditionally called (based on the
> platform) when constructing your interface.
> >
> > How then do you get the functionality of mnemonics without using Java's
> mnemonics? If you have defined a keystroke sequence in the setAccelerator()
> method for a menu item, that key sequence is automatically entered into
> your menus.
> Accelerators work on both Windows and OS X (
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> Recently, I added mnemonics to some buttons and enabled mnemonic parsing,
> and noticed that the mnemonic isn't rendered.  I came across this issue:
> which seems to indicate that NOT showing mnemonics is the expected
> behavior.
> If that's correct, how are user's supposed to know what mnemonics are
> available?
> Cheers,
> Mark

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