Gradle build, one step forward, two backward :)

Mario Torre neugens at
Tue Jul 9 12:50:18 PDT 2013

On Mon, 2013-07-08 at 09:09 -0700, Richard Bair wrote:

Hi Richard,

> You are on Linux I'm guessing (educated guess). The open source linux
> implementation was I believe just barely pushed. Which repo are you
> building from (master or graphics)?

Ouch, sorry I didn't say that... Yes, working on Linux. Actually, RHEL
6.4, but I'm able to build with Closed JDK so I doubt the actual release
is important.

I'm building from the master repository. I'll give a shot at graphics
too later.

> Ah. OK. The problem here is that a couple of the modules require the
> plugin.jar because of Possibly if we move the file from
> web module to base (or graphics module) then we wouldn't need this
> dependency. If you edit build.gradle and comment out the plugin
> dependency and do a build, you should see where the build failures
> occur.

Ok, I'll try to do that later and get back to you.

Regarding JSObject, is this netscape.javascript.JSObject? [1]

Upstream OpenJDK doesn't ship with this, but OpenJDK does have an open
plugin options (not just in Linux distribution, apparently this works at
least on Window too). It's called IcedTea-web.

IcedTea-web is kind of separate from OpenJDK, but it comes with a
plugin.jar that is installed in /usr/share/icedtea-web/plugin.jar (not
sure if this path is the same for all Linux distributions btw).

With Oracle also shipping a "server" JDK now (which is very similar to
what we do since ever, just make the plugin optional), it may make sense
to try to pass this file as we do for the others (JDK, closed jfxt
stubs, etc..), via some variable rather than assuming is there.

> I did a search and see in two places, web and graphics
> modules. Yikes.

Time for some refactoring I guess :)

> > 5. *** Running OpenJDK with closed jfxrt.jar ***
> > 
> > This is even nicer:
> This happens if the native libraries cannot be found. They need to be
> located relative to the jfxrt.jar that you are using. How are you
> running this application?
I just put the jfxrt.jar in the classpath and run via Eclipse. I also
copied it in the ext directory of my OpenJDK 8 installation. I though
the .so files where actually embedded in the jfxrt.jar?

Maybe I need to copy them as well or something?

> Actually I think we should start here with just a fully open build.
> Anything using media will fail at runtime, but we should still be able
> to compile and I think the native font stuff for linux is out there,
> along with build changes by Peter to support fully open builds of web
> view. I'm going to fire up a new VM with a completely clean Ubuntu
> system and try building with OpenJDK so I can follow along.

Yes, I also think that having a build is the first step, we can progress
from that point on.

How's going with it? Were you able to reproduce the build errors?



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