Building your own OpenJFX for Linux ARM/Raspberry PI

David Hill David.Hill at
Wed Jul 10 13:46:30 PDT 2013

You should now be able to build OpenJFX for Linux Arm (hard float abi) for the Raspberry PI.

To do this you will need the current Linux ARM JDK from, and a Linux desktop machine.

The basic setup for building with Linux is here
and PI build (Cross building for ARM hard float) are described here:

Details on running on the PI are here:

Daniel has validated a working result :-)

We look forward to working with the community to improve and simplify the process.

Next steps (coming soon we hope):
    * Fully open native font support (currently you need a "closed" shared library)
    * Build instructions for Linux ARM soft float ABI (like the the Beagle XM)
    * a more streamlined porting interface to enable adding other platforms

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