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Hi Mark,

I know it is not necessarily helpful to post comments along the lines
of "this aint working" without suggesting viable alternatives but
given that I am not privy to Oracle's strategic plans for Web Start or
Java in the browser and not privy to the internal technological
limitations of such functionality I can only highlight the situation
as perceived by the end user and also by the developer.

I think it's true that most commercial developers of Java/JavaFX
applications will probably want to deploy their software as native
bundles or through an app store in preference to Web Start.  This may
be because their are security issues with Web Start apps that don't
effect locally deployed apps and also because of the other issues with
Web Start that I referred to.

Also, there are some limitations with Web Start in terms of versioning
such as:

1. What if I want to install a specific version?
2. What if I *don't* want to install the version currently offered
through the Web Start link because it is not compatible with my system
configuration or with other software?
3. How do I roll-back to a previous version if I want to?

Your comments on corporate deployment are spot on though.  However,
there are other options for updating software that do not require Web
Start.  Indeed, many applications *not* written in Java are able to
update themselves through a "Check for updates" menu option or
similar.  Surely Java/JavaFX applications could be updated in the
same way?

I recall there was a discussion on this list earlier this year on this
very subject with links to 3rd-party auto-updating mechanisms and
discussions on Oracle's own plans in ths area.  If such a mechanism
is developed then *all* JavaFX applications could make use of it and
then what would be the need for Web Start?

Corporations utilise thousands of applications not written in Java
that have the ability to update themselves so why not Java/JavaFX
applications too?



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 I've heard the "webstart is broke, don't fix it, move on" song before
 a number of people. What I haven't heard is a credible solution to
 the very real problem of keeping an app up-to-date in a corporate
 For the most part, I agree that if you're in the business of selling
 commercial software, selling and distributing through an app store
 makes sense for you. Although I wouldn't relish having to build on
all of
 those platforms.

 However, posting proprietary apps to external OS-specific app stores
 doesn't really work for anyone in a corporate setting. Neither does
 a user re-install an application every time you post a bug fix. In
 addition, many corporations limit the privileges they give users.



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