Java Deployment (was Re: JavaFX 8 Progress)

David Ray cognitionmission at
Thu Jul 18 15:54:16 PDT 2013

A list of JWrapper's features:

Oracle, are you ready to buy these guys yet? If you don't, we will… :)

Easily deploy Java as native apps (for free)

But lets break that down...
To us, this means being able to build for everything, on anything - true cross platform builds.  Multiple developers can share one build file, yet everyone can build for every OS.  Users can get hold of your app and updates no matter what web server or scripting language you use.

You issue a new automatically updated release by overwriting some files on your web server, and if we do our best to ensure your app has a predictable, stable environment.  If use a system JRE we even copy it so you aren't exposed when Oracle decides to update it and break API.
…deploy Java...
To us, this means creating signed, iconified, automatically updating OS-native apps that can pick up a system JRE, download or bundle a heavily compressed one.

Since we're replacing applets it also means making your app available on your website by just sharing the files and adding one line of HTML to embed a JavaScript download button.  It also means stuff like automatically detecting HTTP proxies from wherever makes the OS has that info (system settings, browser settings) so that you don't have to guess at them yourself or hope that the system JRE is set up to use the right one (if there even is one).
…as native apps
To us this means it looks and feels like a native app.
On Windows this means a signed executable which can elevate as you need.
On OSX this means a signed .app file inside a DMG.
On Linux this means a native exe inside a double-click extractable tar.

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