Thread checks in Glass

steve.x.northover at steve.x.northover at
Mon Jul 22 13:26:14 PDT 2013

The first part of the checking is being done at the Glass level. More 
checking is under consideration but making native calls from the wrong 
thread can cause crashes and these are the most important things to fix 


On 22/07/2013 12:08 PM, Pedro Duque Vieira wrote:
> You mean like checking every possible call to ensure it is made in the UI
> thread? Or just some?
> I think this is great!
> Regards,
> Hello all,
>> FX is a single threaded UI toolkit.  Well written FX applications should
>> not access FX objects from outside the UI thread.  There are exceptions to
>> this rule and these are well documented. Documentation is great, but
>> enforcing thread checks in code is better.  Glass (the underlying native
>> window toolkit portability layer for FX) is being changed to ensure it is
>> accessed from the UI thread.  This is goodness.  Many threading issues in
>> FX, Quantum and Prism have been found and fixed as a result of this change.
>> You can follow progress in
>> Petr & Steve

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