Embedding Swing/SWT/Native inside JavaFX

Reto Urfer reto.urfer at pop.agri.ch
Wed Jul 24 11:36:01 PDT 2013



In FX8 a SwingNode is avalable to integrate old legacy Swing code into a new
JavaFX based application.


We currently have an Eclipse 3 RCP application with some embedded Swing
parts. For the Migration to the Eclipse 4 platform it could be interresting
to use FX instead of SWT because we heavily use theming which is mach better
supported in FX.

But this implies that it is possible to embed Swing AND SWT components into
an FX based application because we can not rewrite the existing SWT parts
with FX now. 


Are there any plans to provide a SWTNode to embedd SWT components int JavaFX
like the SwingNode does for Swing components?






Reto Urfer

Mülligerstrasse 1

CH-5413 Birmenstorf


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