Nodes partial Mouse transparency

Herve Girod herve.girod at
Wed Jul 24 15:34:51 PDT 2013


We have a Use Case when we want to have one container Node (for example
basically a Pane, but it can be others containers) transparent to Mouse
events, but not its children. We use it mainly to group children and
control their positions, but we want to receive events on the children but
not the parent Node.

When using a Pane for example, there is a way to do it, by setting the
pickOnBounds property to false, and one of the dimensions of the Pane to 0.
That way the Pane is transparent to Mouse events, but not its children.

However this is not straightforward, and it is not possible to do it while
still having a non transparent Pane.

Is there another (better) way to do this in JavaFX 8? Or did we miss
something which allowed to do this in a more straightforward way even in
JavaFX 2.2? If this is definitely the only way do do this (which work),
wouldit be possible to add this kind of partial Mouse transparency in 8?



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