Code style guide lines

Richard Bair richard.bair at
Thu Jul 25 11:59:58 PDT 2013

> * Should a switch always have a default-case? - According to the Java
> guidelines this should be!

I would say definitely yes. The default clause should throw an AssertionError if it really is unexpected. This will catch cases where we add an enum type and don't add the right clause to a switch statement.

> * Why are so many things not generified but use the raw types? - It
> looks like you are all running with raw-type warnings off, which has the
> effect that you don't even spot APIs who are not generified (and can't
> even be fixed because it would be an API breakage).

Could be!

> * What should be done with fields declared but never used?

We ought to remove anything not being used. The only trick is making sure it isn't be used evilly through reflection (most of the time this is not the case).

> I think you should also write down the policy when a Simple*Property
> used? - we discussed that same months ago already

I'd be happy to put it in the wiki if you give me some words. I'm overloaded and drowning :)


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