Code style guide lines

Richard Bair richard.bair at
Thu Jul 25 15:25:40 PDT 2013

>>> I think you should also write down the policy when a Simple*Property
>>> used? - we discussed that same months ago already
>> I'd be happy to put it in the wiki if you give me some words. I'm overloaded and drowning :)
> Ok. Let me see if I can come up with some words on this. Wouldn't it
> make sense to turn on things like static code analysis and compiler
> warnings in the grade build?
> I know that there was some effort in OpenJDK to compile -Xlint:all
> -Werror by default instead of suppressing them? At least I think this
> should be a target, not?

Yes definitely the goal. We need to get rid of all the impl_ guys first though, the amount of deprecation warnings we get is swamping any useful warning output.


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