Detecting when a TreeItem is no more used

Fabrizio Giudici Fabrizio.Giudici at
Fri Jul 26 04:37:56 PDT 2013


I have a library which creates a hierarchy of TreeItems out of a data  
model, and of course the root TreeItem is later attached to a TreeView. I  
need to know when those TreeItems are no more used, so I can free some  
resources in the data model. I supposed that TreeItem had a life-cycle  
method or an event that notifies its destruction, but I seem unable to  
find it. At the moment it sounds as the solution is rather to watch for  
the TreeView and detect when it is destroyed, or its root property is  
changed, and then decide that the previously attached TreeView is no more  
used. It would be fine for me, but I'm just trying to understand whether  
this is the simpler, most appropriate approach.


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