Can JavaFX do CAD?

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On Sat, 27 Jul 2013 09:12:35 +0200, Yennick Trevels  
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> @John: On the JavaFx community site they have a section with references  
> to
> real world usecases.

If that five/six cases are all that is published now, as it's my  
understanding, it's not the kind of gallery of use cases I've in mind and  
by far it's not enough. Too few and mostly too simple - I mean, they are  
really cool applications and they deliver, but you don't see the "push the  
edge" stuff you'd like to see. Again, please compare with the NetBeans or  
Eclipse Platform showcases. Of course, I know that those Platforms are  
much older and established than JavaFX, so I don't expect the same  
numbers... but at least one order of magnitude more. Paradoxically, so few  
showcases of a technology that is around since 2007 might even deliver the  
opposite message that we want.

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