Can JavaFX do CAD?

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So in this sense Scene Builder should be on this list, even though it is
Oracle provided.  It shows the promise of the complexity that I think you
are asking for.

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>  @John: On the JavaFx community site they have a section with references to
>> real world usecases.
> If that five/six cases are all that is published now, as it's my
> understanding, it's not the kind of gallery of use cases I've in mind and
> by far it's not enough. Too few and mostly too simple - I mean, they are
> really cool applications and they deliver, but you don't see the "push the
> edge" stuff you'd like to see. Again, please compare with the NetBeans or
> Eclipse Platform showcases. Of course, I know that those Platforms are much
> older and established than JavaFX, so I don't expect the same numbers...
> but at least one order of magnitude more. Paradoxically, so few showcases
> of a technology that is around since 2007 might even deliver the opposite
> message that we want.
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