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Tue Jul 30 02:27:03 PDT 2013

Hi August,

I gave a short presentation giving an overview of JavaFX,
and how JavaFX 3D and COLLADA fits into the JavaFX picture.
However, for this presentation, I didn't show any new
demos or visuals, but rather, assets from previous
JavaOne presentations. For new demos, you'll have
to stay tuned to JavaOne 2013.  ;-)

I showed the 3D assets from the Navis 3D demo:
(Container terminal monitoring with JavaFX 3D)

I also showed the 3D Duke from the JavaFX Labs demo:

I shared how important COLLADA is to JavaFX 3D.
Without going into details, I mentioned that we are
working on a COLLADA importer that will 
support meshes, lighting, animation, skinning, etc.

The discussions that I had following the presentation
were very encouraging. 


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> Unfortunately, the COLLADA BOF slides don't include the "COLLADA and 
> JavaFX 3D" presentation 
> I'm simply curious about its content. Is it worth publishing on the 
> JavaFX 3D wiki page?
> August

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