JavaFX and iOS - it will remain a dream

Tobias Bley tobi at
Tue Jul 30 09:40:09 PDT 2013


after many days trying to really build iOS apps with JavaFX and RoboVM or Avian I’m very frustrated because of the following things:

Based on RoboVM, JavaFX on iOS runs unacceptable slow - I don’t know the reason - maybe it’s the rendering model of JavaFX - maybe it’s the currently unoptimized RoboVM
One big problem of RoboVM is it’s dependence of the Android library, it does not support the OpenJDK. That’s a big reason for many many problems when using JavaFX. So currently it’s not possible to use fxml files (FXMLoader) because of the missing Stax xml parser and classes like XMLInputFactory in the android library…
Avian: we tried to use JavaFX in conjunction with Avian + OpenJDK and AOT compiling… we hade no success…too complicated build process…no demos available for iOS…

So in my opinion „JavaFX on iOS“ will remain a dream…If there will be no big company like Oracle or IBM who actively develops a VM for iOS and Android, JavaFX will be useless, also on Desktop, then HTML5 or QT will be the big winner for the most use cases on Desktop and mobile…


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